Who is katerina graham dating

star and her fiancé of about two years Cottrell Guidry have split, multiple sources exclusively tell E! "There wasn't any drama and they are still friends."The two announced their engagement in October 2014. News that their wedding planning was coming along beautifully."It's basically done now," she said.

In January, at a Grammys after-party, Graham revealed that the nuptials would be taking place "pretty soon.""Next time you see me, I might be a married woman," she said.

“More importantly for me are the people who walked with Tu Pac and lived with him, who were actually family members.

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If you watch the show, you’ll remember that Kayla‘s character Vicki Donovan hasn’t been on the show since season five.Her father, Joseph, is of Americo-Liberian descent, and her mother, Natasha, is Jewish (from a family from Russia and Poland).Graham's father was a music executive and the godfather of two of Quincy Jones' children.At the age of 15, Graham caught the eye of choreographer Fatima Robinson, and was asked to perform at the BET Awards as a background dancer for Bow Wow.Graham followed her BET Awards appearance with work as a background dancer for Missy Elliott, Pharrell, Jamie Foxx, and choreographers Hi-Hat and Michael Rooney.

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