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Remove battery for 5 mins, attach it back on your phone and turn it on again. If these does not help, better look for your Warranty Card and bring it to the its manufacturer for fix. how to fix phone wont turn on or charge after updating to android kitkat in micromax a54 i cannot fix it on computer not recognized to computer ! Before my device was not even charging let alone booting. This simple tip has solved the issue x D Your phone wont turn on because you used up all your battery life up until 0%.a good way of fixing this is by pluging-in a usb cable and inserting it in to your computer and phone.(I am using a windows computer)Go on the taskbar,click on "control panel"click on "hardware and sound" in hardware and sound there is "devices and printer" click that and you will find a bunch of junk,scroll down and you will find you'r phones name.right click the name and click "troubleshoot".It was unclear how much you were paying each month for your phone and how much you were paying for your service.AT&T Next was unveiled in July of 2013, and the early upgrade program has undergone significant changes in the three years since. cost goes up, operating system goes to shit, screw these new phone & the bull shit with them, wish there was a lemon law on phones,!!!! I've tried everything and still cannot get mine to turn on.

And now, a GFXBench listing - alleged to be of the...The Next plans tend to be cheaper than the two-year contracts, and they offer customers perks such as no down payment and the ability to upgrade early.Two-year contracts have become virtually extinct, as cell phone companies look to end expensive phone subsidies.Customers have been able to pick from 12-month, 18-month, or 24-month early upgrade options - and as of May 2015, a new 12-month option with a 30% down payment.However, from June 9, 2016 onwards, Next has been reduced to just two options for new customers: the standard AT&T Next (over 30 months), and A&T Next Every Year (over 24 months).

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