Straight women dating gay men speed dating and memphis

As it turned out, straight women trust advice given by the gay Jordan more than the advice they got from a straight female or straight male Jordan.Gay men, in turn, trusted straight women’s relationship advice more than that proffered by gay women or other gay men.

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The below IM conversation has been condensed and edited. Stern: I just think that women's eating habits fall under the general category of "things the public feels comfortable commenting on," like women's clothes, bodies, and faces.

Researchers asked the women to look up a Facebook profile for Jordan -- who was presented as either a straight woman, a straight man or a gay man – and then answer a series of questions.

In the second study, gay men were presented with the exact same scenario except the Facebook profile depicted Jordan as either a straight woman, a gay woman or a gay man.

As for straight men, a surprisingly high 13% have had a same-sex experience, and another 5% haven’t yet but would like to. reputation, and Canada is orange nearly coast-to-coast.

Using the incredible power of computers, we were able to break down this question geographically. Even in the yellow and blue areas, you can see pockets of gay curiosity in interesting places: Austin, Madison, Asheville. For starters, I found that a fun game to play with stuff like this is to replace the words “homosexual” and “gay” with “politician” — then you have something that’s actually true.

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