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It’s a very convenient way of meeting potential partners: you have thousands of profiles before your eyes, and your special someone can be among them.

There were a few dates but I found a woman that took my heart from my body and claimed it. How to get the most of a dating website: If you’re just starting out on your dating journey, looking for helpful tips and advice or simply curious about dating you’ve come to the right place!We have expert bloggers and articles covering the steps you’ll take, questions, date ideas, conversation tips and much more to help you along the way.And should a one-night stand turn into something more serious, you can now download an app like Stay Go to help rate your relationship and determine whether it’s, well... But with every new bit of "smart" technology, we have to ask: is all this digital assistance making us dumber about navigating relationships?Is it possible we really can't tell on our own if our relationships suck?

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