Paying videosex

Instead of answering the (completely inappropriate) prompt, she asks what time it is, says "that's it," and then walks off.

It's weird to watch and even weirder that they included it in the final cut.

The digital video is meant to showcase her eclectic personality, but instead, it reveals a gross trend in celebrity profiles.

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You may receive updates to help you stay connected with what's happening online and in your community.And then, at the last minute, a man's voice from off-screen asks her "When was the last time you had sex?" Her face drops and she stares at the camera then down at her feet.In the attached 16-minute video he handicaps — at breakneck speed — what he calls the four horsemen of tech: Amazon, Google, Facebook and Apple.His take on the first three are well worth watching, especially if you've sunk good money into Amazon or Google.

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