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Some people can just hoop-skip-and-jump right into the arms of someone new like they are an Alzheimer patient with no recall of the past years invested with the person who loved them. A lot of people operate around the belief that love has to be hard and therefore life becomes about earning love.

So, this article is for individuals that gave their heart and soul to their love only to have him or her walk away and then into someone else’s arms. Before we go into what to do about the one you loved moving on while you are moving forward, let’s talk about the connection that makes it hard to let go. A buy-in could be a belief or a certain way of looking at the world.

I'm closed-off by nature, but in this relationship, I exposed the vulnerable parts of myself that up until that point had been pressed tightly up against my chest.

Together, we held hands on long plane rides to different countries, embarked on a colorful spectrum of adventures, saw new things with fresh eyes, staved off old demons and built a life. Sometime around month two of our breakup, I had heard from a friend of a friend my ex was “seeing” a new girl.

You need a surplus of other things: a cohesive vision of the future, in-sync timing, heaps of respect, unbreakable trust — all of which we lacked. Our lives had become immensely intertwined, and both of us suffered seemingly endless waves of an impenetrable sadness that incessantly washed over us.

It was my first love, and I didn't think I would ever be capable of experiencing that kind of intimacy again.

The important thing to remember, if you want to get your ex back, is that this rebound relationship is just a tool and a tool that is showing you that she actually really loves you. So, if you are sure your relationship has a strong foundation of real love you can save it and get your ex back no matter who she is dating. This is good because she is focusing on the “differences” between the two of you which means that she is still focused on you even while she is with the new guy.

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Then after you have farmed info, comparisons will be made. The natural impulse is to try and gain control of the situation by ruminating or focusing on what went wrong. It’s important to sift through what feels like failures so that you can extrapolate the lessons. First of all your ex girlfriend is only dating someone else to try and get over you. It doesn’t mean she doesn’t love you – she is just using this relationship to help her through this difficult period.So keep this in mind to comfort you at this time – your ex girlfriend is only in this relationship to help her get over you.If your ex girlfriend is dating someone else and you truly want your ex back then the first thing you must not do is panic! And, ninety-nine percent of rebound relationships don’t last.So, if you really want to get your ex back then read on for some sage advice. People fall into rebound relationships in order to avoid dealing with their emotions about their recent break up.

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