Liquidating modern gold coins

Pricing for Jewelry Appraisals – First item: 5* – Additional items: *Pricing for complex items may be higher.In addition, we can provide liquidation services for gold, silver, platinum jewelry, bullion bars, bullion coins, or rare coins.In the secondary market, coins and bars retain premiums as they are in demand because they are in easily-recognizable and convenient forms.However, there are two slight differences between gold bullion coins and gold bullion bars.In the process of performing the appraisal questions came up about liquidation value as compared to replacement value.First of all, there is not just one price that a rare coin trades for, as price guides suggest. One of the fundamental reasons there’s a price range for rare coins is their variation in quality within a grade.At the end of the day, might the salt of the earth be a little sharper than all of those big bankers?The last 12 years has seen thousands of gold coin companies enter the market.

Both sell for the value of their gold content plus small premiums because of the cost of fabrication and distribution.Gold bullion coins are round, the standard shape of coins, while gold bullion bars are usually rectangular.The other difference: gold bullion coins nearly always are minted by government mints, and they carry legal tender values.Bullion is certainly easy to pass on to heirs if you so choose.I know for a fact there are tens of thousands of young people, including myself, who are aggressively allocating our savings into bullion at the moment, as we believe this is the asset class that will outperform all others in the coming years.

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