Information about dating a herpes carrier

Type II HSV cases tend to have worse symptoms and more frequent outbreaks than Type I HSV cases. Regardless of virus type, the sign that genital herpes is present is that painful genital lesions or sores that look like little blisters occur from time to time on the genitals.The blisters occur when the herpes virus, which lives deep inside the nerves during quiet periods, travels down the nerves to the skin. First there is inflammation or swelling, and the area where the outbreak is occurring becomes red, itchy and uncomfortable. The blisters are tiny fluid-filled bumps in the skin.

(We thank the New Zealand Herpes Foundation for this last example!

(1) Dear Alice, All the information I have found about herpes is written for heterosexual couples. How can I prevent transmission of the virus to my partner? Lesbian (2) Dear Alice, I'm female, in a relationship with another female. I JUST NEED TO KNOW HOW TO PROTECT HER from contracting the virus. Dear Lesbian and Reader #2, One of the most critical steps you can take to protect your partner from contracting herpes is to tell her that you have herpes.

By being open and honest, the two of you can communicate about what risks you are, and are not, willing to take together.

That's a very loaded question which can be hotly debated.

Do those with GHSV1 have more of an obligation to disclose than would someone who gets cold sores?

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