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With the passing of the Statute of Westminster in 1931, Canada became co-equal with the United Kingdom.The dedicated team at Vancouver Career College`s Kelowna campus will strive to help you achieve your academic and career goals.

In 1867, the Province of Canada was joined with two other British colonies of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia through Confederation, forming a self-governing entity named Canada.In Modern Irish the name is Duibhlinn, and Irish rhymes from Dublin County show that in Dublin Leinster Irish it was pronounced Duílinn /d̪ˠi:lʲiɲ/.The original pronunciation is preserved in the names for the city in other languages such as Old English Difelin, Old Norse Dyflin, modern Icelandic Dyflinn and modern Manx Divlyn as well as Welsh Dulyn.British Columbia`s desert jewel, Kelowna is a hotspot for tourists and locals alike for its wide variety of adventure activities and cultural experiences.Wakeboarding, mountain biking, snowboarding, golf, hiking, and wine tasting are all at Kelowna`s doorstep.

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