Dating buildings using window style

In 1881 the land was purchased and the following year on March 19, the foundation stone was laid by the Bishop of Barcelona.Gaud had moved to Barcelona to study architecture in 1868 and had to work as a builder to help finance his studies and had started to work on the Church.He died in 1926 after being hit by a tram and is buried in the Crypt of the Sagrada Famlia.

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Speed and streamlining became important especially in the new modes of travel such as the first commercial flights, trains such as the Orient Express and ocean-going liners.

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In 1883 Gaudi started to lead the construction when the previous architect, Francisco de Paula Villar, resigned over a disagreement over the design and costs.

Originally the design was to be Neo-Gothic with square towers but Gaudi changed the design in 1898 to incorporate high round towers and detailed sculpture formations depicting the teachings of the Gospels.

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