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The scripted series centers around a single-mother heroine working as an ER doctor by day and moonlighting as a euthanasiast.Jay Ryan, Richard Short, Lyriq Bent, Greg Bryk and Charlotte Sullivan co-star.He knows exactly how to hurt Will the most by getting close to the lady that he likes, and he does it in such a way that he doesn’t really have to go that far. I think she’s probably been wanting a grown up relationship for a while and Hannibal is that exactly. Is there a chance that he and Alana could rebuild their relationship?So I thought that was a very smart way to bring it up and not have him running after her, but to have her kind of open herself up to him. I think Chilton described Alana as “catnip” for all of the psychopaths and killers on the show, but she’s also very clearly attracted to those characters as well. Because you make it sound that she has washed her hands of him.

Kevorkian-style mercy killer, secretly helping a few terminally ill people end their lives.

On May 9, 2014, NBC renewed Hannibal for a third and final season.

During September 2014 the first episode title Antipasto was revealed on Bryan Fuller's Twitter.

Back in June, James Franco starred in the remake of the 1996 slasher “Mother, May I Sleep With Danger? The film was something that traditional Lifetime movie audiences weren’t used to seeing, but it seemed to have worked out well for Franco and the network.

Now, the ever busy filmmaker is set to star in and executive produce his second Lifetime film, “High School Lover.” Not much is known about the TV movie, only that it will debut February 4.

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