Braylon edwards dating

Is this what you expected when the team traded for him in the off-season?

"The whole thing was crazy, but it had nothing to do with me trying out for the Dolphins," she told on Monday morning. FAB: Critics were saying we needed to throw the ball more, and I think the Dolphins were trying to prove a point with this game. The first two games were all defense, so you can't be mad at those guys.Plus, the ultra-healthy athlete is as dedicated to his diet as he is to sports; eating only organic fruits and veggies, free-range chicken, grass-fed beef, and fish (now we know why he has such a hot bod).He’s also very active with the Kidney Foundation, co-authored a fitness book, and founded a line of protein shakes.(For the latest on Kellen Winslow’s current spat with Browns’ management, visit the Cleveland Browns news page or read the post specifically regarding Kellen Winslow being upset, and Romeo Crennel’s reaction.) What a bummer.The Cleveland Browns lost to the Washington Redskins today 14-11. Ryan Russell detailed some of the things that went wrong in today’s loss.

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