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Kellogg said they have to find time in Tyga's schedule to get him to New York City, where they plan on shooting it.

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Batman is a scion of the plutocracy; Iron Man a capitalist warmonger. Private-schooled, old money, born into the ‘right sort of family’. Axel Foley, played by Eddie Murphy in the Beverly Hills Cop films, is a street-smart Detroit native, but he only becomes interesting to the film (and, by extension, the majority of cinema-goers) when he attains fish-out-of-water status in the eye-shieldingly white Los Angeles neighbourhood of the title.

The series has a roaringly unsubtle bisexual subtext, introduced in the first two films perhaps by accident, but now deliberately and openly embraced.

What seems to throw a lot of critics is that the films are very important without being very good.

Blockbuster cinema is, and always has been, overwhelmingly male, straight and white.

Take Star Wars: the noble, aryan, farm-reared Luke Skywalker would hardly look out of place on a Nazi Germany eugenics poster. Soulful tribal types saved by white messiah in heap-big robot suit.

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