Are m ward and zooey dating

Covering a range of contemporary artists and offering reworked versions of classic tunes, She & Him have once again delivered well on their intentions.The resulting album is a collection that perfectly articulates the spirit of the season, but also speaks beyond the holiday - to friendship and togetherness, and a generosity of spirit. Ward for a quick glimpse into the process behind the album, the atmosphere contained within the tunes, and to discuss the motives of Santa Claus.Can you speak a little about the atmosphere around your homes? Ward: It's snowing in Portland but all is pretty much merry and bright - always good to see family and friends you dont get to see much during the year.AS: This isn’t the first album of Christmas tunes from She & Him.Can you explain the attraction - is it the songs, or the season that compels you as a duo?MW: The first record started out as an experiment to see what we could do by stripping these great old songs down to their minimum - just chords and vocals."This Girl’s in Love With You", a slight twist on Herb Alpert’s "This Guy’s in Love With You", is highly reminiscent of the original, with a retro brass and woodwind arrangement.

They are best known for their stripped down music production provided by M. "Sunday Girl" version by She & Him is a stripped down and whimsical cover the 1978 Blondie single.Driven from an early age to become a successful actress, Zooey got her big break aged 17 playing a model in TV sitcom "Veronica's Closet".She got her first film role the following year in Mumford, which prompted her to quit university to pursue acting full-time.She also gained a Best Female Lead nomination at the following year's Independent Spirit Awards, but lost out to Charlize Theron.Zooey is often compared to golden era Hollywood starlets and is also a talented singer.

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